Top voters of August

TheFarmerNL ao posted Aug 31, 13
Thanks to everyone for voting even when the server was about to reset! This is the last time we will count votes seperated over our 3 servers. Soon we will be running everything under 1 IP, so only 1 IP to vote for. At the moment we are constantly finding newer problems/things that are still left to do. Some systems don't work and might be outdated, but we have to confirm that and that takes time. Nevertheless, I took some time to scrape the top voters together again, so here the list with the Top Voters (Thanks alot!):

  • jesse917 : 93 votes, price: €10,-
  • yola10go : 88 votes, price: €5,-
  • Theamazon2 : 36 votes, price: €3,-
  • xxbananamanzz : 25 votes, price: 50 warpoints
  • pure_society : 10 votes, price: 30 warpoints

Winners will receive a personal code or the ingame money in the next hour. It's recommended to use these codes after the restart.

The votes made from now until we get our new vote module online will not count for the top voters of September.

Thank you for your patience! I can assure you that we do our best to get the servers ready. We are working whole days on it and improoving or adding things every hour.

-Staff Team
XxTrueMBOSSxX You guys hould open staff apps!!!! i want a ps. sooo bad
Theamazon2 Finally in top voter ...
yola10go it says its recommended that i should use the code after the restart, so does that mean if i were to buy something it wo ...
Hello fellows,

Wanted to give a more specific 'estimated date' for the reset to happen.

Right now we have received the first node (server) which is ready to go, but we have to wait for the other node before we can do anything. The second node should be delivered on the 28th of August. The terrible delay has been a result of multiple issues. One of them was that we had problems with the money transfers which gave us a week or 2 delay. Another issue was the cooler which was located in USA while we are building the server in UK. The cooler probably arrives around the 27th of August.

The second server then needs to be build, send to our contact and finally get racked in a Datacenter located in Nottingham (UK).

So, hopefully, if everything runs smooth, we are running on the 30th of August.

Hang on for some more days and hopefully we will satisfy you with the results!
-Staff Team
hero1963 why dos it say thers 20 people on it when thers none
yola10go yeah.... what True said.....
XxTrueMBOSSxX um what happened to 30th?

Top voters of July

TheFarmerNL ao posted Jul 31, 13
Thanks again to everyone for all the votes you made! This is probably the second-last time we will count the votes seperated on the 3 servers. After August we will only have 1 advertisement for Minevival per serverlist. Here the list with the Top Voters:
  • rokkit553 : 95 votes, price: €10,-
  • Stevenl1221 : 56 votes, price: €5,-
  • SpaceBX : 52 votes, price: €3,-
  • JakeT717 : 39 votes, price: 50 warpoints
  • andyl0810 : 20 votes, price: 30 warpoints

Winners will receive a personal code or the ingame money in the next hour.

The votes made from now until tonight at 23:59 CET will not count for the top voters of July, since the votes are automatically reset on the 1st of July at 00:00 CET.

Good luck with voting!

-Staff Team
emregurcan3422 tagtagtag Yes you can the code is of you.
rokkit553 tagtag hey farmer can i gift this code to parakeet23?
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