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TheFarmerNL a posted Jul 31, 14
Please read everything, this is not a normal top voters post ;)

Thanks to everyone for voting this month! This is probably the last month where we have extra rewards for the top 10 voters. Due to the new EULA and the changes that come with it (news post about this will follow) we have decided to change the vote rewards too. This means no more Top 10 voters, but more like people who vote x times in a month, or in 2 months, or in 3 months, etc. We will work this out and hopefully explain it in another news post somewhere in August.

For now, let's congratulate the Top Voters of this month!

Here the list with the Top Voters (Thanks alot!):
1. TheOnlyGirlWith 267 votes price: €50 -> 10000 points
2. REDGASTER 264 votes price: €40 -> 8000 points
3. Dylanhawes9 244 votes price: €30 -> 6000 points
4. ReaperKing77 238 votes price: €25 -> 5000 points
5. EPICBEATS01 231 votes price: €20 -> 4000 points
6. Wwillem_xD 196 votes price: €12.50 -> 2500 points
6. TheDutchVeteran 196 votes price: €12.50 -> 2500 points
8. gidgit_butterfin 158 votes price: €5 -> 1000 points
9. Rutgervanharen 122 votes price: €5 -> 1000 points
10. creepaaaaa 110 votes price: €5 -> 1000 points

Winners will receive their points within 10 minutes. These points can be spent in our shop.

The vote counter on our website will be automatically reset tonight at 00:00 CET. Remember, there will be no Top 10 voters next month, but we would really appreciate it if you continue to vote for Minevival until we have a new reward system. We will of course continue to give $500 ingame money and 1 diamond each day when you vote on all serverlists!

-Staff Team
After sitting here for hours on end I've decided on who will win this giveaway. It has taken a lot of thinking and choices to decide on this so lets give these guys/girls a big round of applause for winning! First off, I'd just like to say that I will not be giving them the ranks until I am back home on the 23rd, but these are the winners and these are the people that will get the ranks. I would also like to apologize to all the people that did not win as I am just as depressed as you are. If I could buy everyone on the server a rank then I would but I just can't. Well, without further ado here are the winners!





Due to an issue with the site not showing players badges when someone else buys them a rank, I have had to edit the list a few times. Congrats to the added on winners. ^-^
orrie1999 tag when he going to have his ranks
burnedbytheburns Congrats winners! And sasquatch what u did for these peeps (especially Tony) is incredible! BTW did u pick these guys ra ...
JakeRocks40422 Sorry My Name is JakeRocks40422
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