Easter at MineVival

jvanderlee a posted Mon at 18:29

Hello fellow MineVival players.

In order to celebrate Easter a new shop section has been added, Event packs!
There's a pack for both pvp and main server available, just one purchase per account.

The event packs do cost 200 points each, but don't worry... I've given you all 400 points!

Check the package info in the shop for information about the items & money in the package.

This event expires in 2 days, have fun!

 We'll also host a little event within 2 hours at the main server, be sure to be there and take your seek skills with you ;)

This event offers rewards for both pvp and the main server.

- Staff team

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"A more OP MineVival"

BasicPlan tag posted Apr 5, 14
Hello everyone,

Lately we've seen alot of threads about MineVival and it's PvP-aspect. TownyWars weren't fun anymore and MineVival was simply dying overall.
Let me tell you, it isn't. The admins had a short chat today about what we could change in order to improve, questions like: What does the community want, and: What can we implement. (Because offcourse we can't satisfy EVERYONE'S needs.) Came hereby to mind.

We came up with a short list of things to-do. We will try to implement this BEFORE the end of May.
- Better kits, add more PvP-items and buff it overall.
- Daily login rewards and big rewards for being logged in for ... days in a row.
- We will try to add the crates plugin, it seems like alot of you guys want this!
- A better starter kit, maybe this will support the 'noobs' so they can compete against other PvP'ers.
- A poll page, this means we can see exactly how many of you guys want something. This will benefit the communication between community and staff.
- We will split the economy of PvP and Main, this because alot of players want the PvP-server to be very OverPowered. We don't want the Main economy to suffer from this, that's why Main and PvP get a seperate economy.
- We had some complaints about the Wildspawns, they aren't suitable for good PvP. We will look into this and probably change things in order to benefit the PvP aspect.
- Last but not least! Towny Wars! Because of a particular nation "kuch Elders kuch". We will be changing some things in order to get this going again, in other words, wars won't end in 15 minutes anymore ...

For more information go to Jelle his post about the changes, this post will include possible changes (so there is a possibility we will implement them)

I hope to have you informed enough! We are looking forward to a new, better MineVival.

-Admin Team.
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