Hello good citizens of MineVival!

As you may have seen in the title, TownyWars has been disabled.
The reason is that we got alot of negative feedback about it. the server seemed devided whether we should keep it or remove it. Therefore we came to the conclusion that we should disable it.

TownyWars-Fans! Don't be worried. We got an amazing replacement for it, It will be on the same time as the TownyWars so you won't have to change your schedule. We will release one small hint: It involves a custom-plugin!

I know, it is a bit vague, But spoiling it wouldn't be fun now would it?
Release date is still being worked on, expect it in a month or so if everything goes according to our plans.

-Staff Team
KingTech811 tag
KingTech811 @ Minevival Main
I love TownywarZz! ...
_epic_miner_ tag I have got no words for this.... Goodbye pvp of minevival ;'(
ikin5050 tagtagtagtag let me guess... eventworld special events? if that makes sense

Vote Roulette

jasper512 tag posted Sep 12, 14
Hello Everyone!

We want to add a new plugin, called Vote Roulette. This will give you a random reward (Items, money, XP or commands) when you've voted on one of the serverlists. You will always get the first two rewards. This plugin will be added as soon as everything works.


Ooh Shiny:
This will give you one diamond.
Chance: 100%

50 Dollars in my pocket:
This will give you $50,- and a poor mob token
Chance: 100%

Moar Moneys:
This will give you $25,-
Chance: 10%

On the 7th day of Christmas, Jasper gave to me:
This will give your a poppy, with the name Jasper's love, and $69,-
Votestreak (Vote everyday for a streak): 7 days

31 days of voting:
This will give you $3100,-
Votestreak: 31 days

Rare Find:
One rare mobtoken
Chance: 1%

Dayum, you went hardcore!:
This will give you 8 gold blocks, 1 sponge, 1 diamond block, a mob spawner, and $10000,-
Votestreak: 365 days


Voted on all the serverlists:
This will give you $75,- and one diamond
Votes: 9

50 votes in my pocket:
This will give you 2 diamonds, 10 xp, and $500,-
Votes: 50

100 votes baby!:
This will give you 30 xp, 3 diamonds, and $1000,-
Votes: 100

1000 votes!:
This will give you 100 xp, 4 diamonds, and $5000,-

Note: We will add/buff some more kits, and this will replace the top voters competition.

- Staff Team

Hephzebah tag What about voting the 365 days in a row to earn a mobspawner if 1 website isnt working for 1 day ? Will this be count as ...
lucasduggj Okay This is So Fuu up Because i didnt read the whole reward list from july And it sas Next month we will not give websi ...
LethalKeith A lot of easter eggs were added to this haha (Jasper knows whats up)
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