Hello fellow Minevivalers!

This post is to inform you about some upcoming changes and implementations that will be added to the server. As some of you may have already gathered from the title of this thread, a lot of great changes are about to occur. Firstly, a new custom plugin is being developed, where pets will be added to the game. This includes all current servers and upcoming ones such as the event world. Different pets can be earned as rewards and they can be obtained via many different means. These pets won’t just follow you around, they’ll have personalities, moods, favourite foods and be able to give some kind of buff/ special effect to their owners. There will also be a pet levelling system, with the ability to unlock possibilities, and hidden goals.

As discussed earlier, different pets will be available and earn-able via different means. Therefore, to help support the creation of this plugin and to give special rewards to those who do so, there will be a special limited edition pet available for those who spend at least 8 Euro in the store before the end of October, before HALLOWEEN! 
To celebrate these epic additions we will also have a 20% off all items sale for this month only, so snatch up that limited edition pet while you can!

On the topic of Halloween, if you didn’t gather from the previous post, there is a poll to the right that will indicate the types of events we can organise for halloween. Give your opinion and vote on the type of event you would like to participate in on the day, whether it is PvP, PvE, Scavenger Hunt or Parkour, you will be sure to have a great time. 

The event world plugins are being developed as we speak, a lot of work is going into creating a unique experience that can only be had at Minevival. Progress is continually being made, I cannot wait to see the completed event world. Also, let it be known that the server is investing money into advertising on server-list websites and finding out which website is the best to advertise and has more of a positive effect on the server. We are dedicated to finding the best advertising solution for the community and helping to improve it everyday. Best of luck, hopefully you guys (and gals) are as excited for these upcoming changes as I am, I’ll see you in-game!

- Staff team
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jasper512 tag posted Oct 21, 14
Hello Fellow MineVivalers!

We have added a new minigame plugin, called SkyWars. This is simmular to the skyblock plugin, but it gives you one more feature, you can attack the three other islands, and kill them. You can join a game by doing /warp SkyWars. Make sure to choose a kit before you walk through the portal. We have made 3 kits, a kit for members, a kit for donators, and a kit for VIP's (SG rank, will be added later). We will add items with epic lores, and effects later.

Please report bugs to a staff member, so we can fix all the problems. You can post all your suggestions in the comment section.

Here is a picture for the people who haven't played the game yet:

~Staff Team
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